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About Us

Castille Elementary School offers many exciting learning experiences for children. Through the combined efforts of an innovative staff, involved parents and broad-based community support, the school's goals are achieved. In 2006 Castille was awarded the California Distinguished School designation.
As one of 35  Elementary schools in the Capistrano Unified School District , Castille currently enrolls 550 students in a typically middle class community. The school's student population is diverse in its income level as well as in its ethnicity. The three major ethnic groups are White, 61%, Hispanic, 19%; Asian, 5%. Numerous cultures and languages are represented in the school. Student's cross-cultural friendships demonstrate that they regard each other as children with similarities more than differences.
Instruction at Castille focuses on an integrated curriculum and teamwork and is fully aligned with the Common Core State Standards. Within each grade level, teaching responsibilities are shared to capitalize on the unique talents and expertise of staff members. Teachers meet regularly in grade level teams to analyze data and share best practice in order to meet both state and district standards. The principal, 24 teachers, 30+ support staff members and parents work closely together in goal setting and decision making. All levels of learning are addressed by modifications, interventions, and/or depth and complexity. On any given day you will see teachers working in both small and large groups teaching the very important reading skills of decoding and comprehension through a balanced literacy approach. Math and Science instruction are extremely important to the development of the whole child. Grade levels group for math instruction so as to provide the appropriate level of challenge and support necessary to meet the needs of all learners. The school has a strong problem-solving component embedded into its math instruction thanks to their training in Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) strategies. All of our teachers have been trained in the new more rigorous CCSS and are eager to work with our young scholars on improving their critical thinking skills. The school has a science lab dedicated to the teaching of science, and most teachers have been trained in, and are utilizing, an inquiry-based teaching approach thanks to the support of Beckman@Science. Additionally, the school has a MakerSpace Innovation Lab where students have opportunities to solve challenges by designing, building, and creating using the latest technological tools. We are very proud of our science program at Castille, which culminates in an entire day devoted to hands-on science and partners with Universities for additional experiences exploring College and Career Readiness. We work as a team to assist all Castille students to become contributing members of society empowered with the skills, knowledge, and values necessary to excel in a changing world. We are a 21st Century Learning Collaborative Technology is incorporated into all facets of the instructional program with every staff member. Technology is integrated across the curriculum to offer flexibility and practical use for young children. 3rd - 5th-grade students have access to personal Chromebooks throughout their school day. Students in grade K-3 utilize iPads for intervention, enrichment, and free choice. Internet access, computer networking, multi-media programs, and regular visits to the school's computer lab are strong components of Castille's technology plan as well.
Character development and the enhancement of social skills are inherent in maintaining the school's positive climate. The Coyote with Character program (tied closely to the City of Mission Viejo's character program) serves as the backdrop for building sound character in students and guiding them to make good choices.
Parent and community involvement is a major part of the Castille environment. Students, staff, and parents take an active role in Mission Viejo community events.  All families are asked to partner with the school in their child's education.  Parent volunteers are an integral part of our educational program, including those parents who can only help at home or on special occasions.  The PTA at Castille supports outstanding enrichment opportunities for all students throughout the year.   A child's educational experience at Castille is truly meant to be a family affair!
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